Your new life starts here


Your new life starts here

 Life and Career coaching

Are you ready for change?

Imagine meeting with someone who is totally dedicated to your success, someone who never judges but only encourages you. Someone who is only interested in what you want, and will both help you bring clarity to your hopes and dreams and help you achieve them as well.

That someone is a Cool Waters life and career coach.

My name is Mark Faithfull and I provide executive, career and life coaching.

My job is to unleash your potential.

How it works

Coaching is a strategic alliance between you and your coach, geared entirely around your success. We design the coaching process around your exact situation and needs - however most people find that meeting with their coach every 2 to 4 weeks is ideal. During each session we talk about what you want to talk about, and your coach will guide you to identify the key decisions you need to make and help you identify the attitudes, beliefs or misunderstandings that are holding you back or causing you distress.

Once you have identified the problem, you and your coach can design a course of action to overcome the obstacles so that you can enjoy the life and career you desire.

Coaching is not for everyone - if you are looking for someone to commiserate with you and agree that all your woes can be blamed on other people and you are a victim of circumstances - then coaching is not for you.

However, if you are determined to take the steps necessary to reach your goals then the support and encouragement from a coach will make a significant difference.

Try it for Free

Take action today and book a free 45 minute initial consultation and learn how coaching can transform your life and your career for the better. This is totally without obligation, and will give you a valuable insight into the coaching process and how I can help you.

Use the form below to book your free consultation directly into my diary. Take action today and book a time that suits you.

We can speak by phone, Skype or Zoom and I work with English speaking clients all over the world. If you are outside of the UK, please provide your Skype or Zoom details for the call.