Training and Development

Leadership Training, Personal Development and Coaching from John Maxwell Team certified trainers and coaches

Training at your premises

Leadership Training based on the Maxwell method of Leadership from John Maxwell Team certified trainers and coaches.  We have a range of 'off the shelf' courses and we can customise any course to focus on your unique challenges and priorities.

Topics covered include:

  • DONE! How to transform your productivity (and deliver new projects when everyone says they are maxed out doing their day job)
  • Security Awareness Training - PCI Compliant cyber-security training for all staff
  • Leadership Development - based on Maxwells 21 Laws of Leadership
  • Personal Development - based on Maxwells 15 Laws of Growth
  • Transitioning from a technical career track into leadership
  • How to motivate engineers
  • How to manage millenials
  • Leadership and Personal Growth for Graduates

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Online Training


The online Leadership course for IT Professionals covering personal development, team leadership, corporate strategy and executive leadership.

Created for IT Professionals and leaders in technology driven organisations.

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3 mistakes to avoid when setting goals

This free video course will challenge your assumptions and approach to setting and achieving goals in your personal and professional life.

The course is delivered through the Cool Waters online training portal, click the button to sign up for a free account and enrol.