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Access the benefits of having a personal coach and mentor at the time and pace that suits you and a jaw dropping price.

The Empowerment Mentoring programme is a powerful deep dive into the strategies that will create real and lasting change in your business, your career and personal life.

Everything you do, everything you decide and everything you doubt is shaped and influenced by the way you think and your conscious and unconscious beliefs - often self-limiting.  

As Henry Ford said: Whether you believe you can, or believe you can't - you are right!

Change what you believe and you will change what you achieve.

Empowerment Mentoring is a rolling programme of live teaching calls with supporting downloads and private online forum providing support and accountability as you implement the life changing strategies provided in each call.  All calls are recorded and available for you to download and keep and each call includes a generous Q&A session allowing you live access to experienced certified coaches to assist you with any questions you wish to ask.

When you join Empowerment Mentoring, every month you will receive:

  • One hour group teaching call with John Maxwell Team certified coach followed by a generous Q&A time for you to explore specific challenges you wish to overcome and receive insightful guidance from our mentorship team
  • A download of the teaching material
  • An MP3 of the full teaching and Q&A call for you to keep
  • Access to the EM Community private online group where you can interact with other EM members and engage with your coaches and mentors 24*7

Empowerment Mentoring will help you with all aspects of your life and business, with a bias towards matters of leadership and entrepreneurship.

You can join this rolling programme at any time, if we're halfway through a topic you can catchup from the call archive and follow along at your own pace.

Empowerment Mentoring will release the brakes that are holding back your career or business.

Join today and realise your potential.


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