New to coaching?

If you have never worked with a life or executive coach before it may feel a little daunting, and you don’t know what to expect. Lots of people feel like this, which is why we offer a free 45 minute discovery call so you can:

  • Learn how coaching works - whether it’s life, executive or career coaching

  • Get to know us so you feel confident we can work well together

  • Help clarify your thinking and priorities so you know that working with a coach is the right next step for you

This is totally free, we don’t try any hard sell - if it is right for you to work with us, it will be obvious to us both.

Book your free Discovery Call

I always try to make it very relaxed and easy to work with me, simply use the form below to pick the time that works best for you and I will call you at the time you have selected.