Leadership Resources for IT Professionals

I can trace several key episodes in my personal growth and success back to free resources and training that was given to me as I developed (and continue to develop!) in my career.  This is the Law of Addition in action: Leaders add value by serving others.


The one question you can ask you team that will change everything

This short PDF outlines a simply yet incredibly powerful question you can ask yourself and ask your team that will transform your performance.

This one question will bring focus to your day, help you prioritise your week and enable you to demonstrate consistent 'value add' to your business and stakeholders.

Based on Maxwell's Law of Priorities: Leaders understand activity is not the same as accomplishment, this could be the most impactful document you read all year.

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3 mistakes to avoid when setting goals

This free video course will challenge your assumptions and approach to setting and achieving goals in your personal and professional life.

The course is delivered through the Cool Waters online training portal, click the button to sign up for a free account and enrol.


Take back control of your inbox and your day

One of my most popular freebies, this short PDF outlines 6 killer strategies to help you take back control of your inbox when you receive hundreds of emails to process each day.

Also included are the 10 Commandments of Outlook for you to share around your organisation and begin to shift the culture of email and teach people how to use it properly