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I’m Mark Faithfull and I help IT professionals and other engineers navigate the transition from a technical career into leadership.  As a result they can enjoy greater impact and influence in their place of work and as a result earn a greater income.  As a certified leadership trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team I have been trained by the world's leadership expert and as an IT Professional with over two decades experience ranging from the helpdesk to the board room I am uniquely placed to help you become a more successful leader in the IT industry. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that great engineers don’t automatically make great leaders.

The Foundations of Leadership book will teach you the 5 key areas you need to master in order to successfully make the transition from a technical role into leadership/management and build your career as a leader.

Foundations for Leadership is a practical book filled with practical advice on leadership. Mark writes as one who has learned the lessons and walked the walk on a leadership journey, and not only provides great advice but also points the reader where to go for further growth opportunities. Read this and you will uncover ideas and challenges that you can apply immediately that will bring lasting value to your leadership journey.
— Roger Fairhead, Leadership For Business

The five foundations of leadership are:

Realise and unleash the potential in yourself and your team. As you develop your leadership ability you will lead your team to greater success. Escape your comfort zone when you identify and eliminate the self-limiting beliefs that are holding back your success.


Set a vision, align the strategy and mark out the goals that will ensure you achieve them.  And then communicate it clearly to your team and your peers. Learn how to define goals for yourself and your team that result in real change and how to create and deliver an IT Strategy that your business will buy into.


We are paid for results we produce, not the time we spend – learn the one incredible team hack that will transform your team’s productivity and reputation and enable you to consistently get projects Done!


As leaders we can become so focused on the mission that we can forget to protect the ship – learn how to apply this principle to your team and business today.


The right process does not slow you down, it speeds you up.  Discover the importance of processes to underpin consistent and reliable day to day operations. People run processes, processes run your business. Learn the power of Process to simplify your operations, increase reliability and productivity and reduce errors and stress.


Exceed the limits of your natural ability

Your career success is not limited by your natural leadership ability or people skills.  You can learn how to lead and influence people with confidence and ease – and I will show you how.  The laws of leadership can be learned by anyone – if you follow them, people will follow you. 

World leadership expert John Maxwell defines leadership as influence, nothing more, nothing less.  By learning how to influence, you will find many of today’s frustrations will disappear.  Through influence you will successfully make your case for a larger team, a systems upgrade, a change in working practices, a new technology stack and, of course, a pay rise ;-)

The problem

Many organisations are good at providing technical training for their engineers – and for those that don’t there is a wealth of online resources available which you can use to solve many technical problems.  However, when it comes to the so called soft skills like leadership, most  organisations rely on your natural ability and make little if no budget available for training and development.  As a result, those IT Professionals who want to advance their career into leadership must take matters into their own hands.

The world has changed dramatically in the last two decades. When I started my career in IT, if I wanted to know how to do something technical I would ask ‘grumpy Geoff’ who might show me, or more likely, he would tell me to go and read the manual. If I managed to find the right ring-binder containing the manual, I might find the right page which would show me how to configure that gizmo or solve that programming problem. The whole process would take hours!

Today - we can simply ask Google and read a couple of answers on StackExchange and hey-presto we have our answer. Solving technical problems is a logical process that we can learn- and when we get good at it our careers take off.

And then, we reach a tipping point - a place in our career where further advancement does not depend on our technical ability but instead we have to take on some leadership responsibility. Leading people is very different from solving technical problems or developing software - it is a completely different set of skills. You can't Google 'how to get Bob to fill in his timesheet on time' - because people are not logical - even the geeky ones who work in IT! This is why they react in unexpected ways when you suggest something that sounded perfectly reasonable to you, but instead they get upset and refuse to co-operate.

You have worked hard to get where you are and build a foundation for the next phase of your career. Now it’s time to invest in yourself and learn how to be a better leader and apply those leadership skills. This will ensure the next phase of your career is an even greater success giving you the influence, impact and income that you deserve.

If you are already in a leadership role, you will have realised by now that you are being judged on one thing alone- results!

Are projects getting completed on time? Are SLA being met? Are your team's absentee levels within HR's expected range? and so on.

Since the majority of the results you will be judged on are actually going to have to be delivered by the people you lead - it is your leadership skills (or lack of them) that will have the biggest impact on your success.  There will never be a better time to start upgrading your leadership ability.

Can I Help you?

This book is not for everyone.  Foundations of Leadership is designed for IT Professionals in one of these categories:

  1. Wanting to make the transition from a technical role into leadership/management with their next promotion
  2. Recently promoted into a leadership role and struggling to gain momentum and understand the dynamics of their new role
  3. More experienced leaders who want to continue to push their performance envelope and further increase their impact, influence and income

Why should you listen me?

As an IT professional with two decade’s experience in corporate IT and as a freelance contractor and a certified leadership coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team – I have the skills and experience to understand exactly where you are and help you get to where you want to be.  I have sat at your desk, and been to those meetings – I know what you are going through my friend – and I can help!

Today’s killer offer

If.. you are serious about increasing your impact, influence and income AND you are willing to open your mind to new ideas and challenge some self-limiting beliefs in your personality and mind-set…

And… you are prepared to spend the time and energy needed to apply the teaching and use the tools I will share with you

Then… please accept my warm and personal invitation to gain access to my Leadership Resource pack for FREE, including a copy of my Foundations of Leadership ebook which sells for £14.99 on Amazon.  This is entirely complimentary – there is no upsell – and you will not be asked to part with any money at any point in this process.

Sounds too good to be true!

I offer a range of training and development opportunities ranging from online courses to group mentoring, personal coaching and even strategy retreats in the beautiful Cotswolds. I know you are unlikely to invest your time and money in someone you have just met online, so by giving away my Foundations of Leadership I offer you a risk-free means of ‘trying before you buy.’

My advanced and paid programmes all build on your understanding of the Foundations of Leadership.

What do my clients say?

I don't expect you to just take my word for it, this is what some of my recent clients have to say:

I am very pleased with the response to the leadership training courses. As a result of Mark’s knowledge, experience and personal coaching style, the attendees rated both the content and the presenter very highly - several said it was the best course they had ever been on! His experience as a coach and mentor added real value as he encouraged and supported genuine development within the team - Cat Smith, HR Director, McNicholas  

Hi Mark, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for my sessions today, they’ve been a huge help.  I’m hoping in just this short time I’ve gained the skills to help elevate my confidence.  So thank you so much.  - SP
Mark delivered the course with great enthusiasm and was obvious that he is very passionate about empowering others to embrace their leadership skills and challenge themselves in their professional and personal lives. Mark made the course very enjoyable and has definitely inspired belief in me. - QO
Mark's ability to deliver the course improved my outlook on leadership and management. The course gave me many pointers and I believe I am already starting to see the effects. I feel very privileged to have taken part in the course. - GT

If you are ready to start the upgrade of your career, fill in the box to order your free Leadership resources and you can start increasing your impact, influence and income today.  As leadership expert John Maxwell says: Leaders develop daily not in a day, so the sooner you start the process the sooner you will begin to see results. 

I look forward to walking with you on your journey into personal success and helping you unlock levels of impact, influence and income that you did not consider possible.