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Imagine a relationship which is totally dedicated to your personal success.  With no hidden agendas, no baggage and no judgement or criticism.  This is Personal Coaching (sometimes called Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching or Life Coaching).

I am a John Maxwell Team certified coach and I work mainly with IT Professionals and leaders of high tech businesses in the UK and USA.

Personal Coaching is a series of confidential one-to-one meetings where we pursue your agenda, clarify your goals and agree your roadmap to success.

Many of the most successful professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders use a Personal Coach who acts as a sounding board and trusted confident.

As a result of working with me, my Personal Coaching clients typically:

  • Define a clear roadmap to their personal success goals
  • Overcome fear and doubt
  • Identify and break through self-limiting beliefs (from public speaking through to starting their own business)
  • Are held accountable to follow through on their decisions and goals
  • Accelerate their personal and business success

As one client recently said:

Hi Mark, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for my sessions today, they’ve been a huge help. In just this short time I’ve gained the skills to help elevate my confidence. So thank you so much.
— SP

Personal Coaching sessions usually last 45 or 90 minutes and most client book them every 2 weeks, although this can be customised so suit your personal situation and needs.

Coaching engagements vary from 90 days to 12 months and start from just £50 per session.  We can meet face to face or sessions can be conducted virtually over the phone or video conference (such as Skype).

Availability of Personal Coaching is limited, I do not work with everyone. To request an initial free, no obligation trial coaching session please complete the application form below.  

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