IT Strategy Circle PLUS

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Board level, onsite, personal coaching, training and strategic support that transforms technology driven businesses.

IT Strategy Circle PLUS includes all the benefits of members in the IT Strategy Circle and the added value of dedicated time from me or one of my team that we agree can help you best.

IT Strategy Circle PLUS monthly benefits:

  • IT Strategy Circle teleconference - twice a month - personal membership for you
  • Monthly IT Briefing by email
  • Unlimited use of IT Policy Library
  • Security Awareness training online - unlimited use for all your employees
  • Monthly online Leadership Training- 45 minute 'Lunch & Learn' - unlimited use for all your employees 
  • HIGH FLYERS online leadership training - 10 part course - unlimited use for 5 people

And these exclusive PLUS level features

  • Dedicated onsite time from Cool Waters consultants in your business 
  • Personal coaching for you or your team
  • Onsite training to develop your teams leadership capability

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IT Strategy Circle PLUS

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