Does your IT team fill you with confidence?

IT Strategy Circle is a unique support package for business owners that gives you advice, resources, coaching and training so you can turn your IT team into a competitive advantage for a fraction of the price of an IT Director or NED.  Build the board-you-can't-afford and take your business to the next level by tapping into experience and expertise usually only accessible to large enterprises.


Membership of the IT Strategy Circle will:

  • Give you confidence by validating your investment decisions
  • Help you select and manage the performance of IT suppliers so you know that you are getting value for money
  • Help you define an IT strategy that makes your business strategy happen
  • Provide training and coaching your existing IT team to transform engineers into leaders (so that you don’t need our help anymore)
  • Improve the performance of your IT team by helping them: prioritise in line with your business objectives; focus on delivering real business benefit every month; and simplifying their working practices to reduce errors and improve productivity
  • Provide access to our library of ready to use IT policies (PCI and GDPR compliant)
  • Provide training for your entire staff on Cyber Security Awareness so you can rest assured your business is protected
  • Give you exclusive access to our IT Strategy Circle teleconference twice per month
  • GDPR compliant data protection policies and we can optionally fulfil the duties of you Data Protection Officer

We are not going to sell you any hardware or software, so you can rest assured that our advice is transparent and unbiased.

IT Strategy Circle is the heart of our service. It is a fortnightly teleconference where you can bring the questions and problems that are vexing you and receive insightful answers from me and other business owners that will help you make decisions and move your business forward.  You can ask any question relating to leadership of a technology driven organisation and IT strategy.  Examples include:

  • Am I GDPR compliant and do I need a Data Protection Officer?
  • How do I motivate and retain developers without getting into a spiral of pay rises?
  • I've received this proposal to outsource my IT support - is it right for me (and are they the right vendor)?
  • How can I be sure my business is safe from cyber-terrorism or hacking?
  • I've been told I must have an IT Acceptable Use policy - where can I get a decent one?
  • Do I need to use the Cloud - what is it?
  • Is Office365 good value for money?
  • How long should I keep my office PC before replacing them?
  • Do I have to upgrade to Windows 10?
  • Are Apple Macs better than Windows?
  • This is how much I'm being charged for IT support - is this good value or am I being taken for a ride?
  • My IT team always looks busy, but they rarely finish any projects or deliver the promised savings - what can I do?

Many people find that just listening to the live calls or the free recordings gives them valuable advice and ideas even when they did not have any questions to ask.

In addition we include these valuable services with your monthly subscription:

Monthly IT Briefing - written in plain english for entrepreneurs and business owners - the Monthly IT Briefing email provides a summary of the latest developments in technology that affect the leaders and owners of SMEs.  It includes information on any new cyber security threats and how to protect your business from them.  For some, the value of the Monthly IT Briefing on its own is enough to justify their membership.

IT Policy library - do not use 'cookie cutter' policies off the internet (which are often skewed to American law) or waste money paying lawyers to produce dense gibberish that your staff will not read or understand - our industry-proved IT Policy library provides you with the key policy documents, written in plain English, that your staff will be able to understand and follow in order to keep your business and data safe and secure.

Security Awareness Training - our acclaimed online security awareness training is free for all your employees to enjoy for as long as you maintain your subscription.  This enjoyable and accessible course lasts just over an hour and covers the 5 essentials rules you need your staff to follow in order to protect your business and your clients.

Leadership training for your IT Team - reboot the performance of your in-house IT team with our HIGH FLYERS online leadership course.  This 10 part self-paced training course will develop the attitude, performance and personality of your IT team with John C Maxwell's acclaimed leadership training delivered in a way IT Professionals will understand and appreciate.  We sell individual copies of this course for £197, and your subscription includes ten copies of the course.

Our services are offered on a subscription basis, meaning you get access to top-class expertise and experience at a fraction of the cost of employing a mediocre IT manager or non-exec who would not provide anything like our value. 

And if you don’t agree, you can cancel at any time – we do not tie you into long term contracts. We believe the best way to keep a client is to deliver an excellent service and jaw-dropping value.

We offer two services, differentiated by whether you want us to attend your premises for face to face sessions or use video and teleconference.


  • IT Strategy Circle teleconference - twice a month - personal membership for you
  • Monthly IT Briefing by email
  • Unlimited use of IT Policy Library
  • Security Awareness training online course - unlimited use for all your employees
  • Monthly online Leadership Training- 45 minute 'Lunch & Learn' - unlimited use for all your employees 
  • HIGH FLYERS online leadership training - 10 part course - unlimited use for 10 people

Just £247 per month

The Plus upgrade to the IT Strategy Circle provides all the member benefits of the IT Strategy Circle plus:

Dedicated time from me onsite in your business every month working face to face with you and your team as your personal coach and advisor.

Request an initial consultation by using this link to discuss how we can add value to you and your business.