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Excuses and Decisions

Good intentions never achieved anything – it is action not intentions that produce results. 


When we decide to take action and move our mind and our heart from the place of intentions to actually taking action then – and only then – are we able to make the changes in ourselves that we desire.

Decide is an interesting word, it comes from two Latin words meaning to cut off. So, when you decide to do something, you cut off all other possibilities!

In 296 the Roman Praetorian prefect Julius Asclepiodotus landed on the south coast of Britain with his fleet to re-take the country for Rome. He ordered his men to burn their ships.  Now they had cut off any chance of escape - that had only victory or death before them. They had decided to conquer Britain -  committed their lives to that goal- and they did!

Often we think we have decided to do something, but then fail to follow through - because all we have done in reality is make a choice or voice an intention. We haven’t committed to our decision and cut-off all other possibilities and that is why we fail to follow through.

I challenge you today to decide to stop making excuses and to decide to do that thing you have been wanting to do for months or even years.  You know what I mean – it has come to your mind just now!

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You 2.0


You 2.0

Have you ever tried to remove a nut or bolt with pliers and it doesn’t budge, but when you use a wrench or spanner and get some leverage suddenly it is easy to move?  That lever is such a clever tool – it is very handy and very simple. 

A lever is defined as a rigid bar that pivots about one point and is used to move an object at a second point by a force applied at a third point.  So how do we apply this to achieve a competitive advantage? How do we leverage our key skills?

Most people don’t leverage their own knowledge and skills but instead use just a fraction of what they have within themselves.

The first step is to take inventory of your assets.  This doesn’t mean to list out your home, car, bank account balance… this means to list out your knowledge, your skills and your experience.

Next, explore how to get the full advantage of your asset inventory.  If you own a computer or smartphone, you are frequently prompted to upgrade an application or program. There is new information available that will make your computer or phone work better (well one hopes, not always the case!).  When was the last time you updated or upgraded your knowledge base?  What was the last book, course, lecture or program you engaged in?

So now you have an inventory and you know what needs to be upgraded.  These are your key skills and strengths that you can now improve upon.  You may ask why focus on your strengths and those assets that are already developed.  Why not focus on weaker skillsets.  This is where you need to understand that the highest yield and the most efficiency comes from developing strengths rather than improving upon weaknesses.  Leave your weaknesses for someone else who exhibits those as strengths.  

Think of it this way, if you invest in your weaknesses, you may move your ability from poor to acceptable but if you invested the same time and energy into one of your strengths you could move yourself from being good to great or from great to world class.  Which do you think will make you the most valuable to your clients, employers and family?

Invest in your strengths and build You 2.0