I'm looking forward to a day off today - spending it watching the Red Arrows and other loud jets at the Weston Super Mare Airshow.

It's particularly specially because my daughter came home from Uni for the weekend to spend some quality time with her old man.  I don't think it's because she wants to hang around with the planes and the handsome young men in Ray Bans and red flight suits... well I hope not anyway!

It's important to make time to take time.  It gives you space to think and reflect and this is important for anyone in leadership. 

When the pressure is on and deadlines loom or disaster strikes, it can be very tempting to want to do something - anything -  to start working on the solution as soon as possible.  And, all things being equal, this is the right thing to do - we should have a bias to action.

However, this does need to be balanced with time spent thinking through the problem to ensure that rather than just doing something, we do the right thing.

And making that judgement correctly is the result of time spent reflecting and thinking through the situation - often before the crisis strikes - so that your instinctive reactions are correct and aligned with your goals when the moment comes to act.

The ability to make the right judgements is a result of having the right assumptions, attitudes and thinking patterns in place already.  These are the foundations on which your leadership stands or falls.

I've recently published a little book on Leadership for IT Professionals called: Foundations of Leadership.  In the book I detail 5 key principles, foundations of thought and action, that any leader needs to adopt.  Can I send you a free copy my friend?

If you would like a free copy of my book Foundations of Leadership, simply follow this link and give me your details so I can send it to you: www.cool-waters.co.uk/foundations