It was one of those good-news / bad-news days. 


The good news was that my beloved Swiss Army knife, personalised with my name in silver, bought for me by my mammy way back in the 1980s had been found – the bad news was that it had been found during a routine security check of my bag as I entered the UK Houses of Parliament for a meeting. (No weapons allowed – I’m sure you understand why).

So, there I stood looking embarrassed as the police woman smiled and assured me it was not a problem – she would keep my knife safe at her desk and I could collect it on the way out after my meeting.  I don’t know what made me feel more uncomfortable – the embarrassment of trying to sneak a weapon in to the home of democracy or the fact that it clearly happened so often the police had a well-oiled process for dealing with the situation…

A well-oiled process – consistency – the right things happening at the right time – these are all keys to success in any business and in our personal growth.

I spent the last two days in a hotel in the Costwolds with Christian Simpson’s Entrepreneurial Elite Think Tank – quite a mouthful I know – but it was a valuable learning experience for me.  The room was full of around 50 entrepreneurs at various stages of growth from start-ups to multi-millionaires and they were all there to help each other and provide advice and mentoring to each other. Iron sharpens iron, as the proverb goes.  One recurring theme over the two days was the need to create and follow processes as any business grows.  It’s a sign of maturity and of transition – marking the move from a small business to a medium business as you grow up the SME scale.  Having a process stops you needing to keep re-inventing the wheel, it helps you be consistent and efficient.

All these truths apply equally to our personal growth and development.  In the 15 Laws of Growth, John Maxwell speaks about the Law of Design: to maximise growth, develop strategies.  I agree with John when he says that systems make extraordinary results predictable - and they can range from the very simple: such as- what time of day do you work best – morning or afternoon – so do your most important work then; to the more complex such as systems like Getting Things Done (link: ) or apps like OmniFocus (link: ) which help you plan and priorities your schedule.

The key here- is to have a plan.  I find that when I don’t have a clear plan, I tend to wander (and wonder) and I focus on doing the things that I find the most fun or easy which is rarely the same as the things which are important or urgent and then I get caught out when a deadline that I was not mindful of sneaks up on me.

Jim Rohn said: If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much!


So, what is your life plan?  Do you have a plan for personal growth?  How do you intend to add more value (or make yourself more valuable) to your family and clients or employer?


A growth plan which includes a system to help you apply it might be just what you are looking for.

My HIGH FLYERS course will challenge you to change your attitude and thinking in 10 key areas of your life and deliver this training in a unique scheduled way which will really help you apply each lesson and embed it into your daily routine before moving on to the next lesson.

Continuous growth and development is not only an attitude I take to my personal growth, but it applies to my products and services as well.  Next week I will be releasing a major update to the HIGH FLYERS course, and upgrading the course from being audio only to being a video based course (and I will still keeping the option to download an MP3 of each lesson as many people like the opportunity to listen on their dog walks and commutes on their phone). This isn’t just a simple conversion of the existing audio and adding some slides – every lessons is being re-recorded from scratch and the content for each lesson is being updated and expanded.  The new HIGH FLYERS course will delivery significantly more content and value and with the upgrade will come a modest price increase.  The new course price will be £197, but all existing students will receive the upgrade for free as part of my usual ‘lifetime access guarantee.’

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