During the recent Arctic cold weather snap, I really appreciated the 4 wheel drive on my beloved Volvo.  It may be getting long in the tooth but it handles the ice and snow with a sure-footed assurance – which I was especially grateful for this weekend as it meant all the band equipment arrived at Church on Sunday morning and number 1 daughter arrived safely back at University in Nottingham on Monday.

However… on that long drive up the M5 on Monday I did notice again the one thing about the Volvo that is incredibly frustrating.  A design oversight which is most un-Scandinavian.

What is wrong with this picture?


Do you notice the radio display in the middle – under the large frequency and station name display there is a line of smaller text which tells you what song is playing and who sung it.  I remember it was Gorgeous by Taylor Swift – I know my Taylor Swift – but that’s another story.  However, looking at the display on the radio I would not know who is singing because what the car tells me is: Now playing Gorgeous b….  Is it just me – or is it pure madness to waste half the available space available to include the phrase ‘now playing’ which results in not being able to include the name of the song and the artist and so invalidating the whole point of the exercise which is to tell you who sung the song you are currently listening too!

Whoever designed this system did not think through what they were really trying to do before they started.  They did not start with the end in mind.  They did not clearly state their goal and then review what they were doing to ensure their goal was met.  If the goal was ‘tell the listener the name of the song and artist’ then this was clearly failed by wasting space with the ‘Now playing’ message which simply states what is self evidently true.

This is a mistake some people make all the time – to dive into action – to be full of enthusiasm and keen to get started. Because doing something feels good right? Sometimes doing anything helps us feel better because it distracts us from the nagging worry. But doing the wrong thing will not help – and doing the right thing in the wrong way – as seen on  my Volvo radio – is also not going to produce the end result we desire.

People who enjoy consistent success in their career or business share some things in common – and these are the topics we cover on our monthly Empowerment Mentoring calls or explore in 1-2-1 coaching sessions.  One of these winning traits is to always start with the end in mind – to be clear about the goal or destination before starting to work.

What is your destination for 2018?  Where do you want to be in your life or business by the summer of 2018 – what about by the Autumn of 2018?  This time next year, as you prepare for Christmas – what do you want to have changed?  You could call these ambitions and plans your goals.  The only people who will achieve their goals for 2018 are the people who are starting to work on them now. When it comes to 2018 – start with the end in mind.  Start the year with a clear picture of where you want to end up – and then make sure you enlist the help you need to get there.  No-one knows how to do anything until they have done it for the first time.  The Wright brothers didn’t have a pilots license – but they worked out how to fly as they went along.

On our Empowerment Mentoring call last Saturday we were looking at this whole idea of Purpose, Vision and Goals.  If you weren’t on the call you can listen to the recording on the Empowerment Mentoring website (and all the other recordings) which is available to all members of Empowerment Mentoring and it costs a ridiculous low £20 a month (+VAT).  For just £20 a month, members of Empowerment Mentoring receive teaching, coaching and mentoring that will yield a return in their business and career worth hundreds of times what they pay – we guarantee or your money back (provided you actually put what you learned into practice!)

You can sign up now using this link for immediate access: https://www.cool-waters.co.uk/mentoring

Decide how you want your 2018 to turn out, right now – and begin with the end in mind.  You can’t chose better then to partner with Empowerment Mentoring this week – catchup on the back catalog of sessions over Christmas and start 2018 with the next live teaching call in January.

As Jim Rohn so pithily put it: you can make progress on your dreams, or you can make excuses – you cannot do both.

Decide today what you will make – excuses or your dreams come true?