Clare Boothe Luce called it your Life Sentence - it's the one sentence you would like people to say about you - the one sentence that summarises your life.

If a prospective client or employer were to encounter one of your co-workers or friends in an lift and ask what you are like - what would the response be?

What do you imagine your life sentence would be?  Take a moment and be honest with yourself… how would you be described…

  • They always have time for others
  • They are only interested in themselves
  • They are only have time for people who they think will help them
  • They taught me a lot
  • They taught me a lot - about how not be a leader
  • My life is better because they are in it - here are 3 examples…

As we enter a new year, we naturally think about the changes we went through and the things we achieved in the previous year.  Are you happy or disappointed with your last year? Probably a bit of both right?

Is there a reality gap between what you want your life sentence to be, and how you lived in 2016?  If so, what changes are you going to make in order to close that gap?  I suggest you make a list of those changes that you want to make and then organise them into a plan - do one or two things each month so that by the time you get to the end of this next year you have moved from where you are now to where you want to be.

Don't try to make too many changes each month - if you do, they are unlikely to stick.  It takes several weeks for new ideas and habits to bed-in to our personalities and become automatic behaviours.  This is why, for example, my High Flyers course delivers each lesson at 14 day intervals to force that bedding-in process so my clients get the most value from the course and don’t sabotage their success by rushing the course.  (It's not what you learn that changes you, it is the application of that new knowledge to your daily life - and that needs time to happen!)

If you wrote your life sentence as it currently is - what would it be?  How about one of these:

  • They are always rushing around being busy, but they don’t appear to get much done.

  • They always have ideas, but they rarely follow through.

  • They are quick to criticise, but never offer to get involved to help make things better

If you are not the person you want to be, if you do not see the success you want to see in your life- then I have great news for you!

The person you are, the success you see in your life, the circumstances you live in - none of these are fixed- all can be changed and all of them can be changed by you.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are shaped by your circumstances - the opposite is true - your circumstances are shaped by you! 

The problem is, too many people go through life on autopilot and make little or no effort to change their circumstance - they just let life happen to them and try to make the best of what life gives to them.  The truth is, your circumstances are the result of the decisions you make - the life you live now, you personality, your thoughts, are not the result of your circumstances but instead they are all the result of your decisions.  And this is great news, Why?  because your decisions - how you make them, when you make them - are 100% within your control which means your circumstances are 100% within your control - your thoughts are 100% within your control and your personality is 100% within your control.


I am not the product of my circumstances, I am the product of my decisions.
- Steven Covery


Make this year a year where you see success and progress every single month towards the YOU that you want to be. 

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