Good intentions never achieved anything – it is action not intentions that produce results. 


When we decide to take action and move our mind and our heart from the place of intentions to actually taking action then – and only then – are we able to make the changes in ourselves that we desire.

Decide is an interesting word, it comes from two Latin words meaning to cut off. So, when you decide to do something, you cut off all other possibilities!

In 296 the Roman Praetorian prefect Julius Asclepiodotus landed on the south coast of Britain with his fleet to re-take the country for Rome. He ordered his men to burn their ships.  Now they had cut off any chance of escape - that had only victory or death before them. They had decided to conquer Britain -  committed their lives to that goal- and they did!

Often we think we have decided to do something, but then fail to follow through - because all we have done in reality is make a choice or voice an intention. We haven’t committed to our decision and cut-off all other possibilities and that is why we fail to follow through.

I challenge you today to decide to stop making excuses and to decide to do that thing you have been wanting to do for months or even years.  You know what I mean – it has come to your mind just now!

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